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Cannabis Consulting Firm

Human Capital Advisement, Executive Search & Fractional Placement Services for the Cannabis & Psychedelic Industries

We’ve found great success in the retained recruitment space for cannabis and psychedelics businesses. Holding in-depth conversations with cannabis and psychedelics executive teams and leaders to deeply understand the organizational nuances and needs has been one key to our understanding of how to best help fill in talent gaps. Through these in depth conversations, we have realized a strong need for fractional executive placement services which we also offer to our clients.

Cannabis & Psychedelics Fractional Executive Placement

Hunter + Esquire’s fractional executive placement services for the cannabis & psychedelics verticals is an alternative solution for those organizations seeking to fulfill a crucial role in more of a gig capacity versus a full time employment capacity. In 2022, we expanded our talent acquisition services beyond full time placement in response to the conditions of the very dynamic cannabis and psychedelics economies. 

In the current capital starved and challenging regulatory climate with so many unknown variables, many companies are seeking to acquire top talent in a different way. They desire to pay for services provided versus carrying the full cost of employing a full time executive. At the same time, talent within these nascent industries has become increasingly interested in hedging their employment risk and career brand, opting for more of a consultative career and/or a temp-to-perm situation whereby they can interview companies while working for them before joining full time. 

Our team brings nearly five decades of consulting and recruitment experience in addition to working exclusively in cannabis since 2017 and psychedelics since 2020. Our unique mix of practical experience in the overall wellness, life sciences, CPG and medicinal markets, including cannabis and psychedelics, along with our network in and out of the cannabis and psychedelics industries provide our clients with a truly one-of-a-kind experience and opportunity to set their organization on a path to become one of your industry’s leaders.

Hunter + Esquire’s fractional executive placement professionals work with your team to create a strategic and tactical plan to help you achieve your goals and ensure that your organization can withstand the ever-evolving and changing cannabis & psychedelics landscapes through finding the right fractional talent. 

Our fractional executives can fulfill your organization’s needs with respect to any functionality and speciality, including but not limited, to finance, operations, marketing, legal, sales, manufacturing, processing, distribution, investor relations, raising capital, etc. 

Planning for growth requires an assessment of your current status. Hunter + Esquire assesses your current organizational structure and assists you with making any needed changes so that you are operationally effective and efficient. Depending on the stage of your organization, we provide the following consultative services:

  • Organizational chart creation and assessment
  • Role creation and definition
  • Salary band creation and advisement
  • Planning for national and international expansion
  • Founder transitioning
  • Executive team assessment and development


Hiring Consulting, including:

  • Candidate experience
  • Compensation advisement
  • Offer letter and role description drafting and editing
  • Onboarding experience

Training your cannabis or psychedelics executive team with respect to onboarding, recruiting, and hiring processes – virtual and in-person. Hunter + Esquire can assist with the creation and/or development of your TA and HR processes.

Partner with H + E to stay ahead of the competition and guarantee that your cannabis company prevails. Contact our team today to set up an introductory call.