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In many ways, the cannabis industry is “the dot com boom” of today. It’s the most dynamic and fastest growing industry since the dawn of the internet. This provides an exceedingly rare opportunity to build a new industry.

It’s exciting to be part of the evolution and growth of an industry in the early stages of legalization. The trailblazing adventure that comes with that new growth is what first attracted us to the cannabis industry.

We recognize that this is probably the last time in our lives we’ll be able to play a significant role in building a new industry.

This is especially true in an industry that makes such a deep, broad, and positive impact on our world today – something we’re extremely passionate about.

Fueled by a Passion for Natural Health

Physicians, consumers, and companies are becoming more and more educated on how to utilize the cannabis plant in meaningful and purposeful ways.

Thanks to extensive research, now we know that Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CECD) happens when our bodies don’t produce enough cannabinoids to promote health, vitality, and well-being.

Many experts believe that this is what causes conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Depression, Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Anxiety, Autism, and more.

We believe in nurturing your ECS (endocannabinoid system) which craves and needs natural remedies.

So while many call the cannabis movement a “trend” – that term insinuates a fad that will eventually die out.

We believe this new focus on cannabis-wellness is a complete lifestyle shift that will once again be enjoyed globally.

For us, cannabis is not just about plant-based medicine. It’s about finding natural remedies that offer an alternative to a sole focus on chemical-laden pharmaceutics which are so popular today.

This means using preventive medicine – and most importantly – having the freedom to choose to self-medicate with all the natural ingredients that nature provides to us.

This also supports our passion for natural wellness – for the mind, body, and soul.

Our goal is to help this natural wellness movement become more mainstream than it has been in the past, and help as many people as we can along the way.

A Love for Alternative Medicine and Fueling Your Body

While there are certainly some important life-improving “big pharma” products currently on the market, we are personally turned off by the overabundance of greed in the industry.

We believe there’s an irresponsible level of acceptance in producing medicine with terrible and unnecessary side-effects in the pharmaceutical industry.

We don’t approve of how pharmaceutical companies create harmful substance dependence. This shift away from focusing on patients’ health and well-being is something we’re personally disappointed with in our home.

Our family health relies more heavily on natural remedies to cure our ailments. In our experience this has improved our overall health to a point where we no longer need any pharmaceuticals to feel good or stay healthy.

In our personal lives, we use vitamins, tinctures, and natural concoctions to maintain our daily health and treat ourselves when we’re feeling run down.

From Ayurvedic treatments to Traditional Chinese Medicine, we’re constantly researching the different types of medicines and treatments based in nature, not pharmaceuticals.

We believe that what we put in our bodies should always fuel and nourish you. We eat whole foods, and listen to what our body needs. This means eating organic whenever possible, and limiting processed foods.

Cannabis is no exception.

Our goal is to further the research of the cannabis plant – helping to uncover more capabilities for truly nourishing the body.

Driven to Cannabis by Progressive Thinking

In both our lives and our business, we strive to be open minded and adaptable. We believe that we can always do better. That means eliminating things that are not working for us, and adjusting our course as we become more empowered with new information.

This drive to master flexibility, amendability, and reasonability applies to both our personal and professional lives.

For example, we literally do not eat until our clients are happy – which works with our daily intermittent fasting – aligning our health goals with our client’s needs.

Thanks to our flexibility and drive, when we partner with clients, we are able to adapt and shift with their needs right away.

We don’t just want to perform better than others, we want to identify an opportunity that exists to establish ourselves as trailblazers.

The Right Place & The Right Time

While our personal views on health, wellness, and progressive thinking first drove us toward the cannabis industry, the reason we finally took the leap came down to perfect timing.

Bryan was ready to take his recruiting business to the next level, and Jessica was looking to sell her shares in the professional networking organization she built. Both of us were ready to move toward the next entrepreneurial adventure in an industry we wholeheartedly believe in.

With this motivation, we partnered with colleagues in our home-state of Florida who shared a passion for the cannabis plant to pursue a medical-marijuana license.

But at the time Florida lost the vote to legalize medical marijuana in November 2014 – falling short with 57.6% of the 60% of votes needed to pass.

In light of the legal situation, we decided to pivot to a different bold move, and developed a business plan for a cannabis-specific job board that would offer users our deep recruiting expertise.

But at the same time Jessica was managing the development of a new start up, and had a deep understanding of the immense financial and time investment required to successfully launch a new business.

So with the uneasy legal climate and two small children at home – we decided that starting this new business which required an enormous investment and had a long road to being profitable was too uncomfortable for our family at the time.

But all that changed when the next bill amendment in 2016 established a medical marijuana program in FL with a popular vote of 71%.

At that time our personal situation lined up perfectly, and we couldn’t have been more ready.

Based on the shift in Florida law, we renewed our drive to enter the cannabis industry with a focus on serving an unmet need – we began preparing immediately for the launch of our new business.

In 2017 we launched our cannabis-specific staffing agency, The GIGG®, to serve the recruitment needs of this budding industry.

We love being entrepreneurs and everything that comes with it. Working 24/7 is not a problem since we enjoy always being connected for our business.

But while The GIGG® grew rapidly, we determined that the name didn’t match the white-glove high-touch service we were providing. So we rebranded and relaunched our executive recruitment agency under the name Hunter + Esquire. We are a seasoned retained executive search professional and a lawyer – together, we’re Hunter (get it?) and Esquire.

So through our continued contact with those in the cannabis industry, we decided to launch a new business that would serve the unmet need of professionalized executive recruitment services for cannabis companies.

Now, our team at The GIGG® provides non-executive placement and team-building, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (“RPO”), and staffing services, while we focus our personal efforts on our clients with retained executive-level search needs at Hunter + Esquire.

Our field is a blank canvas and we approach every day as a challenge. We’re not afraid to take a step back and approach solving an old problem in new ways or partner to creatively solve problems that no one has solved before.

We believe this industry can achieve the highest levels of success only if we all work together to move toward a professionalized future.

So our commitment to you is to help you elevate your brand, your business, and our industry so we can all move forward toward a better future together.

If you’d like to partner with an executive search agency that goes beyond recruitment, and offers you a personalized, tailored, and relationship-based approach then click here to contact us.

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