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Successful Executive Recruitment in Cannabis Is All About the Process (and Commitment To It!)

At Hunter + Esquire, we understand that cannabis companies face unique challenges when recruiting for their executive teams.

In an industry where many companies are still in startup mode, many company cultures, roles, and systems are still being defined. That’s why we customize our executive recruitment process to fit each of our partner’s unique needs and preferences.

While the cannabis industry overall experiences extremely high turnover rates, we’re happy to report a 94% stick-rate of the full-time hires we have placed to-date.

With experience deeply-rooted in industry expertise, and a proven track record recruiting for highly-regulated industries, we shoulder the complicated process of finding world-class executive talent so you can focus on your business.

Launching The Search

One big mistake we see cannabis companies make is not clearly defining the position before posting a job opening. Many executives in the industry wear numerous hats, but the primary responsibilities and deliverables for any role should be clearly understood by the hiring team.

If the scope and goals for a role are not clearly defined, it’s easy to lump too many duties into one position and go down the road with the wrong candidates.

This often leads to a confusing job description that deters the right candidates, or worse, results in an ineffective hire.

That’s why we always begin each new search project with an in-depth intake call. We’ll help you clearly define the position BEFORE we begin the search, which also helps us determine your unique needs to guide our rigorous candidate vetting process.

In addition, we’ll also help you design an attractive (and appropriate) compensation package and candidate experience so you can attract world-class talent from more established industries.

An Expansive Network and Experienced Field Guide

During our project, we use various tools to keep you updated, but not inundated, with information. The ultimate goal is to land you the right talent, but not at the expense of robbing you of the precious time required to be successful in your job. Instead, our system is designed to help you protect your time while acquiring world-class executive talent.

At Hunter + Esquire, honest, transparent, and consistent communication is important to us. To facilitate this, we hold regular status meetings to make sure you’re always kept up to date.

We’ll walk with you step-by-step through the process so that you’re always plugged in, but never burdened by project management or search execution.

With any search, we go deep – utilizing our large personal networks which span across many established industries.

This helps our clients attract candidates from a pool large enough to offer a wide range of pre-qualified choices by accessing our exclusive, insider networks.

We then expand to our database of applicants, past-candidates, job postings, network referrals and professional networking sites, such as LinkedIn.

During the search, each candidate is put through a scrupulous vetting process to ensure you’re only seeing the most relevant and qualified candidates.

Passionately Representing Your Brand

We believe in the mission of professionalizing the cannabis industry and partnering with cannabis companies to elevate the industry as a whole.

That’s why, during our search, we represent our partners to the executive candidate marketplace as your brand ambassadors – providing direct brand exposure to attract top-talent, and raving fans.

Our goal is to offer you a relationship-based, customer-first approach to acquiring long-term executive talent.

This means we’ll remain flexible, customize our approach to your needs, and pivot when necessary to accommodate for the dynamic changes happening every day in the industry.

For example, we have the ability to customize our fee packages to fit your needs or change search parameters without penalty fees. We don’t believe in charging our partners any administrative fees.

Around The Clock Service

We promise to be here when you need us most.

Most of our clients are so busy that it’s difficult to know when their days begin and end, so we offer a receptive partnership and remain available to you around the clock.

At Hunter + Esquire, we value creative thinking, and believe our field is a blank canvas. We approach every day as a challenge.

We’re not afraid to take a step back and approach an old problem in new ways – Creatively solving problems that no one has solved before, or solving old problems in creative new ways

So if you’re looking to partner with a boutique executive recruitment agency that will remain flexible to suit your individual needs, and offer a long-term, relationship-based approach…

… then when you’re ready, click here to contact us.

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